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10.18.2012 , 05:41 PM | #21
I personally have no desire to play without a sub, but I feel compelled to suggest one major guideline that any F2P mmo needs to follow.

F2P should not be used as a model to force players to subscribe in order to enjoy a full experience. It needs to be a model that allows paid access to all features without a sub, as long as you are willing to purchase access to those features. It needs to be viable to play without a sub on the same level as with a subscription, even if playing without a sub would end up costing much more than subscribing.

As an example, weekly limits for warzones are fine as long as you can purchase access to more warzones each week without subscribing. If players feel forced to subscribe to feel like the are able to compete with subscribers they will not stick around, and there are quite a few players I've met on other games who are happy to pay to play a game they enjoy, but they do not believe in subscribing to any game.