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Also, three warzones per week is a terrible idea. Three warzones per day would work, but three per week?
I'm not going to sit here and call anybody stupid, but exerting a bit more brainpower would be a definite plus...
I mean there isn't even any matchmaking in PvP, so you're going to let f2p players looking to see if they like the game or not play a mere 3 matches (which due to the lack of matchmaking will most likely be terrible ones) and have them walk away with a bad taste in their mouths?

Come now guys, you've shown in the past that you are incredibly bright individuals, I've come to expect a little bit better than this from Bioware.
I totally agree with the above.

I think it would be better if BW decide to let the f2p have unlimited wz but limit or restrict the RWZ (ranked wz) exclusively to subscribers. After all, being on a rwz premade guild and casually doing wz for weekly is amazing (when grouped with the right people) and having only 3wz a week is just something that will leave the players with a bad experience.