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10.18.2012 , 05:12 PM | #16
Btw I have something in my mind that haunts me: i'm a subscriber now so I can access lot of things (btw I really think I'm going to create that new pureblood sith warrior I had in mind in very short time) like (quite) all the species, in-game credits payed inventory expansions, 3 crew skills and other things.
What will happen to what I already have IF i choose not to be a subscriber anymore? My main has 3 crew skills at 400 but f2p players can only have 1 crew skill, so my question is: what happen to the other 2 if I become a f2p player? The same question applies to everything else I have NOW as a subscriber and I'm using NOW.
I'd like to know more about it 'cause it'll be REALLY disappointing to lose everything (I mean DELETED) 'cause I choosed to become a F2P. I could understand a lock on features F2P players are not supposed to have but I won't like it because I've already payed something. I mean, as a former subscriber I think I should have access to everything I could have until the end of my subscription.
Let's say that someday every character can have 4 crew skills. When I was a subscriber the game only allowed 3 cw so 3 are the cw I should have. Now I'm a F2P player and Bioware decides that cw can be 4 BUT only for subscribers. So it's ok that I should buy the 4th skill on the cartel market OR subscribe again and gain that new feature "free" even when my new subscription will end. I hope it's clear what I mean and I'd like to have answers about this topic