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Currently my PT is lvl 43 and I am PVPing my way to lvl 50 so I can max out both my ranked and regular WZ coms to buy both my WH main hand and offhand as soon as I ding 50, right now my PT is 31/3/0 build and she just destroys everything in her path in lowbie PVP coming out of most battle without a scratch on her, but I know from past experience (have a WH Operative and WH Marader) that lvl 50 is a whole new ball game.... so with that being said...

I know the amount of people who play PT Tanks in lvl 50 PVP is pretty slim and while searching the forums I haven't noticed too much about how PT tanks perform in lvl 50 PVP, I know you guys are out there so I just want to know if you could fill me in on some of the specifics such as....

1) is a shield tech build viable for pvp (do you actually have enough power to kill someone if you are wearing full Super Commando PVP gear)
2) what role do you usually find yourself playing, guarding nodes, guarding healers, running interference while others cap nodes or all of the above
3) What type of augments do you guys use in your PVP armor, main stat? defense? absorb? endurance? power? or a combo of all of them, should I have more augments of one type over the other?
4) What build do you guys use, is this 31/8/2, seems like a solid build for 50 PVP?