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Revan all the way.
Master of light side, master of the dark side, he saved the republic, he as a sith lord created the rule of two, as a jedi was 4000 years ahead saying the jedi should have a family (just like new jedi order) He only lost duels in which he was betrayed. He was able to figth Emperor after being captive for 3 years. We dont know if he really died. We know that he was the heart of the force.
Nice necro there.

He never mastered either side of the force, he did not create the Rule of Two he only stated it was a foolish thing for a Sith to have more than one apprentice, Bane took that to the largest extreme possible and stated there could only be two, he wasn't a Jedi at that time, he'd unofficially been kicked out and felt like a trespasser every time he went to visit the Temple, He did lose duels where he wasn't betrayed, He was not able to fight the Emperor, the moment his Oneness faded off (which kicks anyone's ###) he got burnt to a crisp, the Heart of the Force statement was a METAPHOR, if you want to go off of Kreia's word as some kind of canon source then the Exile is by default more powerful than Sion, Nihilus and Revan because she called her the greatest student she had ever trained.

Also, every other force user pales in comparison to Grand Master Luke Skywalker, which is as canon as it gets, so check your facts before letting your massive Fanboyism go on show.

To any other revanites who wonder why I and others tear down Revan as much as possible to show the other side of the coin, well the person I just quoted and others like him/her are the reason.