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Children of Korriban
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Guild Leaders: Xor'kerh and J'Nor

Hello fellow citizens of the Star Wars Universe.

Children of Korriban is an Imperial guild that is looking to expand our numbers through recruitment and guild mergers. We are located on the US version of the Harbinger server. We also have a sister guild on the Republic side called Grim's Last Chancers. We are casual players and just ask that if you are online that you do your best to help us, whether it is a class mission, Flashpoint, or Operation. We want life to come first and understand that this is a game so let's have fun! We currently run Operations on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday nights at 930PM EST. If you join and those nights don't work for you it is not a big deal. We will still welcome you into the guild and we could even discuss adding a raid night if there are others that could join on another night.

We are a social bunch and we are fun to talk with and look forward to welcoming new people of all skill levels into our guild. That being said; we want to recruit people who are compatible with our casual play style and with our crazy sense of humor. Our ultimate goal is to have a good sized group that will get along, HAVE FUN, and be able to function as a successful operations team (or maybe multiple teams). We want to progress through all of the endgame content and have been working our way towards that goal.

We have a paid Ventrilo server but you are not required to use it unless you are in an Operation, just know that it is an option.

What we look for in a guild member:
• Friendly, cooperative, willing to help, easy to talk to, has a good sense of humor, and is respectful toward others
• Our group is bi-coastal, so any North American time zone is fine
• Age 16+ Adult language is tolerated (and sometimes encouraged) as long as it does not become offensive. We are for sure R-rated. We appreciate a good smart mouthed remark, but please don’t be mean and offensive
• If you are mature, have a good attitude, and a sense of humor you will fit in with us, even if you are new to MMOs and need help learning how to raid or with anything else, we have people that would be more than willing to help you.

We are also looking for other small guilds that would be interested in merging with Children of Korriban. If you decide to merge with our guild, your current Guild Master will automatically be promoted to officer with max officer privileges and any of your current officers with be automatically be promoted to lieutenant with the option to become an officer (We would discuss this with the incoming group during or after the merger).

To apply for membership, contact J'Nor, Ravicor, Da'khaan or Xor'kerh through in-game mail. To set up a time to meet online email us at You can also apply though our website at If you do take this option please send and email as well to the above email address so we can get in direct contact with you and set up a time to find you in game.

Thank you for considering us,

May the force be with you
Contact us at
Toons: J'Nor - Sith Marauder, J'avicor - Sith Sorcerer, Mistar'J - Powertech