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In short: You still have no idea what you're doing on the PVP end of the spectrum. Assassin/Shadow Tank hybrids are outDPS'ing PURE dps classes (This is possible in Tank stance mind you), Sentinel/Marauder burst death squads are obliterating everything within 6 gcds (Yet still retain the most defensive CDs and TEAM BUFFS) and Paired smash (geared) warriors are AOE bombarding the **** out of clusters of players. Sorcs still don't have a defensive CD, mercs are still a red headed step child in the DPS department (just like lightning sorcs, the lack of mobility // reliance on one spell makes them a joke) and Operative healers are still the best PVP healer in the game.

The only thing I've seen *fixed* recently was the Pyro/vanguard ability to destroy someone at range and melee.

SIDENOTE: I am happy to see another "we're keeping an eye on it" response which is along the same lines of "Soon" and "stunlocking operative teams ruining PVP". /sarcasm.

On a more serious note: Can any of the developers respond to the Class Feedback threads? Because as of right now, they haven't listened to a damn word in them and have mentioned NOTHING about balancing PVE or PVP.
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