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10.18.2012 , 11:52 AM | #32
if bioware puts rage/focus back to where they were before 1.4 people will still whine about them. reason, it's not the damage itself that's the problem, it's the fact that geared out veng/vig have respec'd into rage/focus. That is, an immediate influx of highly geared smashers. In reality 3 or 4 rage/focus in a WZ changes the dynamic of it. Just as 3 or 4 tanksins do. Just as 3 or 4 healers do. 3 or 4 PT pyros do. etc.

maybe i should play my 19.k HP pyro PT again to we can give people more to complain about. Just get it all out there, what are people whining about now?..
-OP healers
-OP juggs
-OP mara cooldowns
-Too many healers on a team
-gear grind
-no pug WZ balance
-premades in non rated (aka grouping with 3 friends in a video game)

what did I miss ? I'd say changes to sorc but i think people finally like those changes

oh yea. nerf operatives
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