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10.18.2012 , 11:47 AM | #31
I big chunk of why it has become so much more popular is that failure of the designers to effectively assess the 1.4 changes to PvP. Reducing the range of the fight to within the 10m circle effectively creates a 'fish in the barrel' syndrome. Also reducing the range of all the key 4 second stuns to 10 meters means if you see the problem developing on the far side of the scrum you can't do anything to interrupt them until after they execute the attack, making it too late. It didn't just reduce the decision cycle time, it just eliminated the opportunity. Then, as a commando, you removed our knockback on stockstrike so we have less options than we did before.

The bottom line is the design team pushed everyone into a scrum and increased the opportunity and payoff of all AoE. It escapes me how hard it is to assess the effect of battlefield compression.