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10.18.2012 , 11:33 AM | #8
The question is, would 110 defense (or similar defensive stat) have adjust your mean survivability rate to account for more than 2800 hp over a 3 minute fight?

That's what it all boils down to really. How much do you absorb/heal/deflect/dodge/block/immune/etc. Which relics will, in combination, allow you to do the greatest combination of all of the above, in effective hitpoints. Choose the highest number. Yes, there are outlier encounters, such as extremely high tech damage fights (where a healing trinket would win over an absorb trinket), or a strictly melee damage fight (where perhaps defense would win out) or a very high spike damage fight (where on use trinkets might be better).

But for general usage, most agree that the proc absorb trinket mitigates the most damage overall. Does the healing trinket mitigate (through healing) more hitpoints of 'damage' through it's healing than your 110 (roughly) defense from war hero? Will it pull ahead with dreadguard?

Try looking at it from that perspective. I am only offering some different perspectives. I don't have the resources to theorycraft the details with you mate, sorry.
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