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DPS scoundrels are still waiting their turn at being "flavor of the month" by the way.
LOL... just LOL.

In my view the extra stacks of shockwave and cooldowns and stuff do make it easier to use, the problem is it also makes the spec significantly stronger. When combined with the instant cast it's too much; dodging/knockbacks used to be the way to counter smashes. It is very fun to play as, but kinda ridiculous when there's more than one (just like pre-1.4 assault vanguards).

And an even more serious problem IMO is that it makes Vigilance/Vengeance specs completely obsolete. Seriously, the only benefit is extra damage reduction, as a DPS spec. Rage/Focus hits 5-10% higher on a single target, and completely obliterates groups. Our Vig Guardian was already our raid's highest DPS, and now he's respecced and does 8% more damage without even practicing on Focus.