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10.18.2012 , 08:08 AM | #1
Dear whosoever can help please merge Jung ma with pot5 or Ebon Hawk
I really don't want to wait till free to play gets here for the only solution to this dead server to be a paid transfer .
If you make us wait the Jung ma community will splinter and die.
Because all the quality players WILL transfer immediately and the rest will slowy dwindle away until the server collapses. All the players I know cherish all the time we have spent playing together and even cherish all the common enemies we know. If we wait till paid transfers this comraderie will be lost.
A great majority of the players who like the jungma communty will not know where to go.
Jung ma will lose a great deal of players who are reluctant to transfer, AT FIRST.
Large guilds will go to different pvp servers or even RP servers.
If you wait, you will not only have a collapsed server but a large portion of the relocated people will be disheartened and have less desire to play.

Last night in one of the larger guilds we talked about which server we should go to. In my mind pot5 is he best solution due to the initial fact that Jung ma was an east coast server and it should be merged with the other east coast server .
Pvp on an east coast server will have an earlier prime time for pvp. Which is great for the vast majority of us that don't want to be running matches at 2-4 am in the morning.
But the fact guilds will have to vote which server to goto further proves that the Jung ma community will be destroyed.
I want to keep all the good allies an enemies I have made to be kept together ,locked in battle and brotherhood.
I just want for us to be placed in a larger community together where we can contribute and thrive.

This I know is a pipe dream, because you will wait till you can get five bucks fom us, most of us will be split up or quit, and most will lose interest in the game.
Perhaps we can rally an try to get the word out and all transfer to the same server.

Dreading the inevitable collapse of Jung ma