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10.18.2012 , 04:07 AM | #8
Back in the old days on my server all the 50s would be on ilum. When we werent in a wz killing each other we were fighting over the pvp zone for the valor buff/armaments. Nowadays we dont need armaments, but it would be cool if everyone would go to ilum when they q for pvp and we can fight there in between the q's like them good old times.

(for those of you who are new to this game and complain about the pvp dailies, some of us have been here since the beginning where in order to get a daily done you had to either kill 30 players in the ilum warzone, or collect 30 armaments in Central (only 3 of them there at any given time with almost a 45-60 sec respawn). The weekly was 150. Back when i first dinged 50 there were only about 10 other imperials at 50. The pubs had about 30-40ish majority of them BM. We imps had only one BM, Slades, and we would literally be slaughtered at central Luckily I got to know a few of them and they gave me a pass