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These are the Dayz of Master D

Episode 6

Scene 1

A beautiful blue woman alone on a beach, a sailing yacht is a small spec on the horizon.
Med's and Coral's relationship however brief, was intense.
He would have been a good lover she relflects, but with Coral's 350ms latency he was always alseep before she got to her "happy place".
Good luck she says as she waves to him sailing away over the horizon...
Good luck :

Scene 2

>Median< are watching a playback of their games...
mosly reruns of late, so Primates latest has generated some interest
everyone is sitting around
grabbing beers, nuts etc..
Primate puts on the vid...


Luc and Dorito..leap up and there is a brawl for the remote
Lio: OMG you said its was a friendly guild...
I didnt know it was that friendly....
Primate, leans back a huge smirk on his face...

Commercial break

Camera: Zirky looking into the camera with a huge smile lined in white creaminess

Zirky: You know, I dont know what I like the most about Venetta
is it the creamy, melt in the mouth goodness?
the way it slides blissfully down the back of my throat?
or the sweet chocolaty brown bits that hang around for later?
What I do know is
After a hard day of "Lowbies"
Nothing else will satisfy
So I reach around for a Venetta

Camera: Zirky lusciously licks his lips to glean the last creamy goodness and winks at the camera...

In other news
Liopleurodon after one faux pas too many has finally been kicked from the Republic Diplomatic Service and flees to Imp fleet where he fits right in. Imperial Diplomacy is not at all perturbed by regularly burning someones face off...

Tune in next week for our next exciting and twisted episode of the world famous GUILD DRAMA series

Dayz of Master D..
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