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King-KEI Solomon and the

Thread of DOOM

Scene: Underground temple, masked and drugged devotees bowing and chanting
Trolla-mon, trolla-mon, trolla-mon
Dorito and Luc are tied up together and hanging over a pit of Lava
Mosus- High priest of Trolling cackles gleefully arms raised
Mosus: Gotu-brah, Gotu-braaah...
He turns to Dorito and hisses
Mosus: You know this is all your fault...
He motions to a devotee to begin lowering the hapless pair SLOWLY into the lava
Mosus: (grinning maniacally) You brought this upon yourselves...
You dominated the server with your epicness and the great must always be brought low..
sacrificed to the god of
(Screams) TEH NOOB!!
Devotees begin screaming and waving their arms...
Luc: Arrrrggghhhh
Dorito: You monster, you will never get away with this....
Mosus: Prepare to die..

Third time lucky, King-KEI's whip grabs the ****** of the towering stone monstrosity of TEH NOOB and swings down to the platform.
King-KEI: (tilts his fedora back) Get away Mosus, your trolling days are over
Mosus: You cannot stop me, I am the LAW!!!
Mosus: (Motions to guards and screams) KILL HIM...
King-KEI: red yellow blue, red yellow blue, red yellow blue GREEN.
(sounds of blaster fire and screams)
A pile of dead guards surrounds King-KEI, corpses smoking
Mosus is no where to be seen, but a stone trapdoor snaps shut and muffled cackling can be heard.
King-Kei adjusting his fedora strides over and begins freeing the hapless victims
King-KEi: it was a trap you fools..
Dorito: I know, he just drugged me and then I could do nothing ...
Luc: Arrrrgghhh (faints from the drama of it all)
King-KEI: we wil stop that monster, we must.. our server depends on it..
Camera: Fade to black.
LOL, I laughed so hard with this. You sir, have a great sense of humour

I see what you did there :P.. How did I become King Kei ?? lol

Anyway, Keep up the great work.

Yvaine - I lol'ed at "King Ward and Queen Vixie"
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