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Actually, I think you're right. I think He certainly could have killed Revan in the novel. It would have been freaking epic and I probably would've cried.

If he had killed off Revan, it would have been a Braveheart moment if you know what I mean.

Darn that would've been a nice ending.... as opposed to getting killed (or so we think) by four PCs.
I'm down with that 100%, that would of been a perfect way to close that chapter of our lives, better to be a martyr against the main guy rather than fish food. I mean really he was a glorious strategist that the Mandalorians feared and respected to the death. But to be honest I love the speech he gives before fighting him on the flashpoint, brought a tear in my eye.
"Answer: Yes. It mean you will "never" understand. When I kill, when i dispatch a target, it is not about wanton slaughter. About body count. It is about finesse, function. Doing more with less. It is "art". " - HK-47 schooling some HK-50s