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I fully agree with you. I was very disappointed by the book. Even more with how Revan was portrayed, but this is another story. But: What should we do about it? I am surprised that a discussion evolved out of your opening post.
Lol, Forgot to check my writing, before posting. I guess im not so sharp 24 hours awake. But i'm glad im not the only one who feels that Suriik was ripped off. Due to the facts that unfortunately KOTOR 2 came out missing parts including very epic moments like the party trying to kill Kreia before Suriik reached her sanctum and the very awesome HK-47 interaction with the HK-50 factory on Telos. But nonetheless I loved the plot of Kotor 2 with and without the restoration mod. It proves that Star Wars isn't simply army vs army and knew that there was at least a hero to thank for saving the galaxy from certain death from the horrors of war.

".... and where they look at you and see the death of the Force, I look at you and see hope for all life."
- Mical (Kotor 2)
"Answer: Yes. It mean you will "never" understand. When I kill, when i dispatch a target, it is not about wanton slaughter. About body count. It is about finesse, function. Doing more with less. It is "art". " - HK-47 schooling some HK-50s