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Bioware say they are watching this thread with a lot of interest lol but I was also told everyone should email there concerns to personally I don't like how they use these forums they just don't work and the wrong people are answering our questions we need devs not online community guys that take 3 weeks to reply with an answer he must have been waiting on from another source.

But people have to remember more problems will come if population levels get very high making things like doing your daily runs and other stuff horrible.
How would this be any different to on US servers with much higher pops? I personally would love it also group up with people and do em together, most daily areas seem to spawn alot faster now to handle higher pops.

Normal questing areas may be different but as i just stated group up and do quests together, problem solved. (If they wont group, wait till they pass and mobs respawn. Doesnt take too long)

Edit: 600 posts and still no more information..... This is woeful service. I had planned to leave at end of month but will wait to see what F2P may bring
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