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Who are the Ghosts?

The Ghosts is a Gaming Group formed from group of strangers which formed a tight knit casual group of gamers. The Ghosts humble beings started from in Star Wars Universe 7 years ago in another Galaxy, far, far away. We seek others to continue the legacy.

We have expanded our Guild into Ghosts of Alderaan (Republic) and Malicous Corpses (Imperial). We are over 300 Strong ingame and are looking for more.

Our goal is to build and promote a gaming environment for all like minded players. Additionally to ensure we enjoy the experience, team work and entertainment from our collective journey. Long live the Ghosts.

Come Join us Today on The Harbinger!

What Can I Expect From The Ghosts?
Group PVE experiences and some PVP. Additionally help with all Heroics/Flashpoints
Community always willing to strive to assist each otherís unique story
Motivated and Dedicated Leadership

What Does The Ghosts Expect Of You?
Members to assist each other (MIssions, Heroics, Flash points, and Ops)

What We Donít Tolerate
Abuse of any kind.

We Want You

Our Guid is continuing to Grow. Check us out

Submit an Application on our website or ingame mail Fireshadow on Republic side and Redvein on Imperial Side.

We all want to have fun and enjoy the experience to the fullest. We seek Active and Casual Players.
Come Give us a shot!
Ghosts of Alderaan
Ghosts of Malachor

The Ghosts Website