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Nice guides overall, but i thought i would add some additional information that seems to work well for the raid groups i participate.

On Operator IX, we have always stuck with 1 dps per color phase, allowing us to make sure we always have 3 dps on the cores, this makes it where we dont have to fail, unless we actually want to (no benefit to failing if you have decent/good dps).

We have a range dps in the center for the orange/yellow phases, which allows them to constantly dps the regulators down. The healers should be dpsing the regulators while healing as well. Also after the 1st core is taken down, we have 1 additional dps to help make sure the 1st regulator is dead by the time the second one spawn (shouldnt take more then 2 to 3 GCDs). If done right the second regulator should be about 20% life when purple begins and can be finished off easy enough by the tanks/healers.

The other big thing we do is to have the person in the center tag the sphere for the channeler by using an auto attack or shock (both are range dps are madness sorcs). This allows for aoes to be used freely outside of the circle in the center of the room, as well as making it easier for channeler to target and kill their sphere. Also the tank is able to kill his with aoe's while building initial agro on the boss.

The only big difference between how we do kephess and your guild, is the fact that we try to keep kephess sorta in the middle during phase 1, less movement the better for everyone. Then in phase 2, after the 1st tower been broken, we channel and break the towers after the second dread bomb. This gives us a greater uptime on the debuff on him, and hence more dps raid wide, as well and causing less stress on the healers since no one should be getting over 3 stacks of nanites, and usually curing it right as they get their 3rd stack.

Also on the final phase of Kephess have you tanks kitting the orange circles, while majority of everyone else stacked on him. The majority of the circles will drop on the tanks, and allow people to blow him up rather quickly.

On a final side note you can kill kephess still if you fail to have the debuff apply from a tower in phase 2, it is just a bit more trickier and requires more dps. Also you can loose half of your raid in phase for Operator IX and still win.