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No I would not. You are correct that an author would not kill their own character in a lame way. But I think the death should be fitting to the character. In my opinion, Revan should have been killed by the Emperor. Drew missed his chance for his character to be killed by the most powerful being in the galaxy. It would have been a good death. Revan's fought countless enemies and defeated them. Shouldn't his death come from a battle that he can't win? I think so.
Actually, I think you're right. I think He certainly could have killed Revan in the novel. It would have been freaking epic and I probably would've cried.

If he had killed off Revan, it would have been a Braveheart moment if you know what I mean.

Darn that would've been a nice ending.... as opposed to getting killed (or so we think) by four PCs.