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Not normal and quite frankly many people would come back to lead the guy through if he didn't know what he was doing. Just a douchebag group. Were they all from the same guild? I could be a group of self-righteous ******es, plenty of those.

They should of slowed up so, you could follow their path and skip the mobs. When I was a fresh lvl 50 my 2nd HM FP was the Battle of ilum. I thought I was following the team (it looked that way on the map) but I kept hitting mobs and getting killed while they were flying through no problem. I was called a Noob and kicked from the FP. I requed for the battle of ilum again and explained what happen on my last match. They proceeded to explain that most people skip all the beginning mobs by driving their speeders right on the edge of the "exhaustion zone" and showed me the proper path. They also slowed their pace so I could keep up.

Sometime you get stuck with ********* and sometimes you get qued with helpful good people. it's a crap-shoot.