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I really don't feel that Meetra was downplayed as much as you guys say. Here's what I think:

1: Revan was obviously the main character in the book. This in itself bumps Meetra down a bit. I understand how this annoys people though.

2: Her death was very quick and un-epic. This sucks for us all. Poor writing on Drew's part.

But in terms of how Revan's character was handled, I think that Drew did a great job. Sue me. I feel like you guys are being a little unfair to Drew. Besides the Exile and besides the whole using two sides of the force, what was THAT bad about the novel? I though it was great.
1.Scourge was clearly the main character here, not Revan.

2.He didn't bother to tie up all the loose ends, instead he created more than he got rid of.

3,The writing was very bad, I mean that Dues ex machinima way the Exile just managed to find the servant of the guy who just manages to be the only Sith Lord on the entire planet that can get her to revan and then the Dues ex machinima way Revan just gets all his memories back when he wears his mask.

4.He gave the Sith Empire the same lightsaber forms that the Jedi used and the original Sith had never even seen, some of the forms didn't even exist till after the Great Hyperspace War, DK seems to have an alternate lore where the Sith are just the dark versions of the Jedi and nothing more.

5.So the Jedi Order was supposed to be VERY dead at this point, the entire Order had disbanded, yet after the Dark Wars, the Exile goes to Coruscant and the Jedi Temple is FILLED with them, despite the fact Kreia says the exact opposite is true, along with about every other NPC in the game.

6.Apparently the big threat to the Republic, the Jedi and the entire galaxy wasn't really that big of a threat because it was an 'isolated case', y'know, cus the Sith didn't attack Onderon and Telos IV, nor did they destroy the Peragus mining colony, wipe an entire planet devoid of life nor did the Republic get saved despite the fact in exactly three standard months it would have collapsed from the moment the Exile returned to known space, nah.