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I really don't feel that Meetra was downplayed as much as you guys say. Here's what I think:

1: Revan was obviously the main character in the book. This in itself bumps Meetra down a bit. I understand how this annoys people though.

2: Her death was very quick and un-epic. This sucks for us all. Poor writing on Drew's part.

But in terms of how Revan's character was handled, I think that Drew did a great job. Sue me. I feel like you guys are being a little unfair to Drew. Besides the Exile and besides the whole using two sides of the force, what was THAT bad about the novel? I though it was great.
Revan was the main character, but you still have to acknowledge the feats and accomplishments, as well as the powers of the other characters. Meetra was handled very poorly, to the point that she shouldn't have even been in the book. She went from savior of the galaxy to Star Trek Red shirt. Maybe not that bad, but you can see my point.
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