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If as a shadow you are pulling low dps you are either not geared right or not playing right. Shadows in blance spec are the first or second highest dps class in the game. I dont know who you all have in your guids that play shadow but if they are pulling ow numbers they just dont know what they are doing. Also with the changes to infiltration I can keep up with and sometimes out dps a balance spec shadow if the fight has any type of break in the action. Either spec just has a different pay style you have to adjust for. As a shadow with any dps spec stack power and surge as much as you can. if you dont have 900+ bonus damage then you are wrong that is for PVE and PVP. You should only have between 20 and 25 percent crit unbuffed and 95-96 percent accuracy. Everything else should be wilpower power and surge. Do this learn to use your skills and in pvp and pve there is no other class that can touch you in damage. Also you have to understand that shadow are more of a single target class so in fights with aoe situations we will fall behind on damage. That should be expected high numbers are not everything. And I do even need to discuss or damge out put for pvp. If you cant kill every class other than classes in tank spec in 4 attacks or less as a shadow you simply dont know what you are doing if in infiltration spec and less than 5 attacks in balance spec. If you have any doubts to what I say create a toon on the harbinger and test my guild Dead weight and our shadows will destroy you and you wil be able to see waht a shadow is capable of.
Epic lobby for your main class! Gratz! quite plausible , )

When you suggest something like "Everything else should be wilpower power and surge" -
When was the last time, when you played with your Shadow? : ) who is " the first or second highest dps class in the game" ? : )