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i like your idea of smaller objective points, maybe these could even be speeder locations where you respawn when you die, so the large network of speeders your side owns the quicker you can get back to the battle?
Sure makes sense. Several posts leading from each capital city to A mid point in the planet where the large weekly objective is located. You capture each small point starting from your city working out to the Large have to capture one before you can go to the next and the reverse for the oppssing faction...Basically If they want to set you back they have to keep working their way deeper into your territory all the way to near your Capital city.

At this point you have to recapture all your Outpost/Speeder points to even have the Large weekly attackable when the time comes....If you want to slow your enimies progress for the event you start working your way into their territory on that planet and capturing their points so they must retake them to activate the weekly event.....Have each Planet activate on a different day....Man this would be awesome all heck would be breaking loose on whichever planet is close to its Weekly event....But no one planet would constantly have Level 50's running around interupting people trying to level.....This would bring life back into the Planets that are currently abandoned...would also get people off Fleet...and It would make it feel Like your actually in the Middle of a War breaking out instead of just Knowing its supposedly happening....
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