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10.17.2012 , 09:18 AM | #28
While doing my daily for the regular FP, I got in with two very good groups. The second one was especially satisfying because three of us had never done the FP before (The Battle of Ilium). One member of our group had, and said that he normally runs the HM FP for it. So I'm assuming he was there just to do his daily as well.

Anyways, he was very good and explained the mechanics of it. He even asked if we were wanting to do the Bonus and was willing to go through and show us where to go to complete it. We only wiped once, and I think that's just because we dropped into an area and aggro'd two mobs at once.

So I just wanted to say a special thanks to "Vinh" on The Harbinger. I believe his guild was something like <ShadowOps>. Thank you for making the run very enjoyable and restoring my faith that there are some good people playing this game.