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A constructive post that deserves attention.

I made a similar comment elsewhere, though it wil have been buried in the middle of another thread.

The way to get open-world PvP - which lots of people claim they want - isn't to create a neglected sandpit that no-one will want to waste their time in (I'm looking at Outlaw's Den here, though it might be at other places). You need to have areas that contain something of value that players of the two factions will want to fight over.

An example I used was Wintergrasp in WoW. Fun battles (with vehicles!) took place on a schedule, the faction that won then had access to a particular instance (Vault of Archavon) so only they could run it and get the gear that dropped, unti the next battle. There were loads of high-level crafting nodes that spawened there too, so people would tend to hang around even when a battle wasn't imminent and you had to watch your back all the time you were there. You also earned tokens for PvP gear while fighting,and completing quests linked to the battle.

To get people fighting, get them contesting for something and rewards to fight for. A reason to fight. A schedule gives them a when, instead of just hanging out in the hope something happens. Maybe transport shuttles to take volunteers from fleet to wherever it is. Of course, there's the "number of players in combat at once" performance issue, but even if work on that hasn't progressed so far it's not an issue then work around it somehow.
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