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10.17.2012 , 06:41 AM | #40
Last night I had a premade in my group. They were 14k, 14k, 16k hp. Yeah, we lost that one.

Premades aren't the problem. Fully geared and optimized premades with perfect composition and excellent coordination are the problem (see the 9 layer of pvp hell post...).

It's really a tough situation. On the one hand, you can't blame them for being good players and grouping smart. You can't blame them for queuing regular matches IF the ranked queue isn't popping. (Now, if there is a decent rated queue and they are still in regular WZs, that's another matter...)

On the other hand, being in a standard pug against a team like that isn't going to go well. It doesn't matter how decent the players are, if they care about objectives. They will get destroyed by the premade that has their sh*t together. If I see a match like that, I honestly will go farm medals, because I don't feel like giving the other team the satisfaction of beating me to a pulp and thinking they are awesome. Their punishment for queuing a match like that should be to sit on their asses the whole match. If they press our node where we are farming, I'll quit.
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