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10.17.2012 , 06:31 AM | #37
I quickly stop queueing when I repeatedly face the same team, which is composed of largely the same premade, and we're getting roflstomped.

Last night there was a guild fielding 4 faceroll sentinels against which we were matched up three times in a row. Individually you could pick them off no problem (for obvious reasons we were far more competitive in huttball because of this). But they moved in a pack, and with a mismatched pug group with several undergeared people, they were basically able to pick us off at will. I certainly don't mind dying, but getting crushed by four guys over and over because my team was poorly composed and poorly coordinated.... it stopped being interesting or fun rather quickly.

I don't have a very good solution here. I agree that anything discouraging people to queue is entirely counterproductive. In WoW (or at least Lich King WoW), the effect of premades would be somewhat diluted by the fact that the map cycle included maps of different sizes. Even if you faced a premade in Arathi Basin or WSG, the next map would be Strand of the Ancients or Alterac Valley. At least you wouldn't get stuck being killed by the same lolravage group of sentinels over and over. In the end that doesn't really help with the fact that you're being matched with undergeared or incompetent players however, it only dilutes the effect.