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I do not agree with OP that wz activity is dropping. On shadowlands que pops every 5 minutes for regular wz and there is an active ranked community thanks to ID(infinite Darkness) deciding that they would stop rolling everyone and create split teams with invites for geared players who are decent or above. Another thing I am noticing is as time goes on, players are getting better geared and there are more skilled players in pug matches. If you see an obvious mismatch, the solution is simple, defend your home node and force them to attack you there. I sometimes have more fun in losing matches than in winning matches because i no longer feel obligated to complete objectives. And when you do get a good pug its very refreshing. If you get unlucky and have say 3 recruit players you can always just leave and let them farm medals for gear while moving on to a more worthwhile match.
It is slowly getting worse on shadowlands as well. Just like last 2 times before ea merger, the ques start taking a bit longer to pop (like in the early am at this point) then that slowly cycles thru the whole day until ques get to be 10 to 20 mins or so. Then youll see a ton more premade vs non premade threads since there are more non premade ppl dropping subs and voia that leads to more and more ppl dropping subs and so on a big ol hairy circle of death for bw. Not really sure if BW has a prayer to stop it at this juncture. Hopefully the f2p will work, but it seems theyre doing it halfassed trying to draw blood from the turnip so to speak, so I dont hold much hope in that.