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Lets look at the evidence so far - 10 months into the game.

There are actually very few pre-mades, however, they tend to play continuously so, as a solo player, you have a high probability of meeting them.
A special WZ system was set up specifically for pre-mades (ranked), however the queue times are long - confirming that they are too few to have a system of their own. Therefore they queue in unranked and face roll the solo and lowbie 4 mans.
A large number of solo players either no longer do PvP or have left the game as its no fun to be face rolled continually.

So - for the sake of a few players a larger proportion no longer queue, making queue times for those that do queue longer. And people leave the game. EA loses subscriptions of many, to keep a few happy - seems a pretty awful business case to me.

Of course there are many who will state that solo players are useless and unimportant and we should all join pre-mades, thats because they know without the soloers they would rarely get to play, totally ignoring the fact that the soloers will eventually get fed up with being face rolled and leave either pvp or the game anyway.

The system is called PvP, this stands for PLAYER vs PLAYER, not T V T (Team vs Team), or RvR (realm vs Realm), or even PM vs PM (pre-made vs Pre-made) i.e. The "its a team game" argument is spurious.

I strongly believe that people who want to play Pre-made vs Pre-made should have a system to do so, equally I believe it is also fair to provide a solo'ers only system, I think we all know who's queue will take longer to pop.

I,m not sure which BW/EA understands less, Customer service, PvP gameplay (I think PvE is pretty good, although limited in terms of volume) or Business, as far as I can see they score pretty low on all three,