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10.17.2012 , 04:37 AM | #4
Isn't it about time we got some real feedback in regards to PvP? It has been the hottest topic in this game since Ilum, yet not once have we ever had a real line of communication with the developers as to their thoughts on PvP, the direction they are heading and where they want PvP to be in SWTOR. And the game has suffered MASSIVELY for it. It is even the number one theory that PvP going south is the reason the game has gone south and pretty much why we are going FTP.

The best written post I have seen on the lack of communication is this one;

But there have been many many more threads, very constructive and well written threads that have been ignored time and time again. It almost feels like you want PvP to fail, it's just a pity PvP was the biggest draw for people playing when the game released - hence why we are going FTP.

If you really do want FTP to be a success, isn't it about time we got some quality interaction with the devs on PvP? Which in turn will hopefully help put the quality back into PvP, but more importantly peoples faith back in the developers? They have got a pretty bad reputation which is understandable considering their gross lack of interest in the PvP community...