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The fight is based around 8 pillars which get destroyed and when they collapse they knock Kephess down so you can deal increased damage to him. There are 2 phases and in each of those phases there is a different mechanic to get those pillars on Kephess.

The positioning on this fight: Everyone stacked behind the boss except 2 ranged DPS dealing with the Energy Distortions (explained below).

Phase 1

Tank swap
One of the tanks tanking Kephess will receive a debuff - 2 small white glowing lights will attach to him and then he will start glowing himself. When this happens, the other tank needs to taunt Kephess so that the tank with the debuff can run to the glowing pool around the center of the room which will cleanse him. The glowing pool will spawn from a blue circle - other players than a tank with the debuff should avoid the circle and the pool.

Laser Blast
Kephess will have a white electricity beam attached to him periodically throughout the fight. The tanks need to locate the pillar it is attached to and move Kephess to that pillar. Kephes at one point will stop and a red text message will be displayed on the screen: Kephess Charges a Focused Laser Blast at Player X!

This is when the targeted player should run to between Kephess and the pillar. Kephess will channel a 9 second Laser Blast (the player will take damage - need heals) from it. The tank should move to Kephess' side to avoid the damage from the laser as Kephess will not be attacking/targetting anyone but the person affected with the Laser at this point. At the end of the 9 second cast the laser beam will destroy the pillar and Kephess will be knocked down to the ground for a few seconds - you can do increased damage to him while he is in that state.

Due to the strict enrage timer on Kephess, it is recommended that you do not miss a single pillar in phase 1. You do not have to stand next to the pillar, as long you are between Kephess and the pillar. Make sure that the person being targeted by Laser Blast runs to their position ASAP so that Kephess gets 4 stacks of the damage increase debuff for maximize DPS as the stacks increase with the amount of time the laser affects the targeted person.

Energy Distortions
Energy Distortions are two white orbs that spawn in the middle of the room. They each have 10k HP and will attach onto the nearest person. When they spawn, they have a white circle underneath them for a couple of seconds. Those who run into the white circle will get the energy distortions attached onto them. If no one runs into the white circle, they will pick the person closest to them and place the white circle underneath them.

Each energy distortion has about 10k HP but it cannot be damaged by other players once they are attached onto someone. For that reason, 2 assigned DPS will pick them up ASAP as their main priority in the fight and kill them. If you have 2 ranged DPS they should be staying closer to the center of the room so they can get to their distortions quickly. If you make a mistake, and the orbs attach to the main tank keep in mind that the Kephess’ ability that cause tanks to glow will kill these energy distortions.

The distortions will do a pulsating AoE damage that increases in damage overtime. Keep them away from the raid and kill them ASAP.

Rinse and repeat this all until Kephess is ~ 50%, which triggers phase 2.

Phase 1 to Phase 2 transition

There will be a big red circle in the middle of the room to which Kephess make will a landing from the air. The landing will cause walls going out from the floor towards the corners of the room. The walls move slowly that they are easy to avoid. Keep nuking the boss in that phase.

Phase 2

Dread Bomb
Unlike in storymode, the pulsating blue circle that marks where Kephess took off no longer exists. Instead, the red circle that Kephess places on a random raid member to indicate the position he will land is no longer avoidable. It deals ~19k damage to the targeted player. If the person is not topped off, they will most likely get one shot. Sorcs/sages should place shield that person to mitigate some of the damage. The targeted person should use a defensive cooldown and a medpack to top themselves up before/after the strike.

Needless to say, the person with the red circle should move away from the rest of the raid so they don’t take any unnecessary raid damage.

Radioactive Barrage
Radioactive Barrage is a lava trail that follows the targeted person (you will see a red text on screen). Whoever being targeted needs to run away from the raid and basically do a circular lap on an empty area before returning to the raid. This will drop the lava trail well away from the raid.

Corrupted Nanites
In phase 2 Corrupted Nanites is the the mechanic which will break the remaining pillars. Corrupted Nanites is a DoT casted on a random player. You will see a red text on screen: Corrupted Nanites on YOU! as well as a circle icon above your head.

You will run to one of the clickable pillars ready to click it to channel a skill called Hypergate Tower to remove the Corrupted Nanites. Click on the pillar will immediately cleanse you of Nanites and the pillar will break when everyone on it either cancels the channel or let the channel finish. On hardmode this channel is 6 seconds but might be shorter if you have alacrity. If Kephess is near the pillar when it is destroyed, Kephess will be knocked down temporarily again, allowing you to do increased damage to him for a couple seconds. You will need to break the pillars when Kephess is next to it to knock Kephess down. Breaking the pillars when Kephess jumps away will basically “waste” that pillar. That means that when Kephess performs his Dread Bomb you need to wait with collapsing the pillar until he lands.

Corrupted Nanites on hardmode do not fall off and will keep increasing in stacks (at 4 stacks it deals over 7k damage a tick) until it is cleansed with a pillar. do not wait longer than necessary to break the pillars

You cannot miss a single pillar here as doing so will most likely cause trouble with enrage!

The way we manage the pillars is as follows:

- Once two players get the corrupted Nanites debuff, we click on the first pillar and break it immediately if Kephess is nearby (we don’t wait for the 3rd person as it takes too long and the first person may get too many stacks of Corrupted Nanites and die from it). We do one 3-2-1 countdown for click and another 3-2-1 countdown for release channeling.

- For the next two pillars, we wait until 3 players get the Corrupted Nanites debuff. All three players stack on the pillar and we do the cancel countdown as soon as Kephess returns from his jump .

- For the last pillar, we use it when Kephess is at 11-12% so we can break it and push Kephess into Phase 3 with maximized knockdown/nuking time below 10% which is soft enrage treshold. We wait for 3 people to get on the pillar. Pop all DPS cooldowns on the last knockdown.

Phase 3

Phase 3 is basically a burn phase but Kephess also has two nasty abilities. We bubble shield all raid members before going into P3 and everyone pop medpacks etc to help survival. If you use the last pillar at 11-12%, you should get Kephess ~7% before he gets up and start phase 3.

Fury of the Masters
Deals 1.6k damage every second until Kephess is dead. Soft enrage mechanic.

Volatile Emissions
Circles on the ground that will target raid members and deals 5k damage to them if they don’t move out of it immediately.