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Phase 1

There are 4 color phases in phase 1 of the fight (indicated by the color of a circle in the center of the room). Your goal is to kill 2 datacores in each phase which will trigger the next phase. The order of phases is always the same: Blue -> Orange -> Purple -> Yellow.

There are 2 people assigned to each color. 1 person of the color of the current color phase activates the channeling console (on one of the 4 pillars around the center of the room) by standing in the circle in the center of the room. The other person channels the console throughout the duration of the phase which removes shields from the data cores. The duration of the channel (time to kill the cores) is shorter in each consecutive color phase (exact values below). Everyone should set Master Control as focus target which will allow you to see his cast bar - phase duration.

Consequences of not killing datacores on time:

1) Master Control will repeat the color phase including spawning any adds that spawn during that color phase (they will spawn again).

2) Additional Rectifier add spawns (you will get the following message on screen: Failed to Achieve Red Obtuse. Activating Green Bisector). Rectifier has 90k HP and a conal attack so he should be tanked faced away from other players.

On Purple phase you fail the timer on purpose to clean up the Regulator adds (explained below).

Timers and role assignments:
Blue: 70 seconds RANGED DPS + DPS (channeling)
Orange: 60 seconds TANK 1 (channeling) + HEALER
Purple: 55 seconds RANGED DPS + DPS (channeling) + additional 55 seconds
Yellow: 50 seconds. TANK 2 (channeling) + HEALER.

During the color phases the following adds will spawn:

Blue: Recognizers
Orange: Regulators
1st Purple: Recognizers
2nd Purple: Recognizers, Rectifier
Yellow: Regulators

As you can see Blue and Purple phases only spawn Recognizer adds - these are silver, low HP (15K) mobs and can killed off by tanks picking them, healers and DPS passing by.

Orange and Yellow phases spawn 2 x Regulator adds. These are champion mobs with 70k HP and cast a knockback (End of Line) followed by a stun. For this reason, they should be tanked facing away from the central color circle (so they don't knock the person stending there out of it) and the person channeling on the console. Optimal position to tank them is with your back against a pillar (other than the one with the active console). The second Regulator will spawn about 10 seconds after the first. The tank who picks it up must make sure he has his cc breaker / interrupt ready so he can pick it up asap. As soon as Orange phase ends TANK 1 (that was channeling) should pick up the new (Recognizers) so they don't break the channeling and try not to AOE taunt so that the Regulators stay on their target (TANK 2).

Regulators and Rectifier always spawn in the eastern "entrance" to the room.

Repeating the Purple phase
You repeat the Purple phase on purpose to clean up the Regulator adds from the Orange phase. It is the Purple phase you should repeat because only Recognizer adds spawn in that phase.

Colored spheres
During each color phase, two color spheres of the corresponding color will spawn. Each person of the same colored pair will need to grab one and kill it to receive a buff.* (*The buff is used to protect people affected with "deletion protocol in phase 2 - explained later). Players not of that color will need to avoid damaging these spheres and accidentally killing them (they only have 5K HP).

Channelers will be leaving color spheres until the cores are down. That means no AOE near them. The player in the center circle can kill his sphere when it comes by. On Yellow phase the channeling tank needs to very quickly kill his sphere before he starts channeling so he doesn't have to worry about it when he picks up the boss at the end of phase 1. You will loose some dps time of the Yellow phase but we found it easier to use all DPS as channelers on more relaxed phases Blue and Purple and free tham up for phases Orange and Yellow. A DPS can help the tank casting 1-2 shots on the spheres. The spheres always spawn in the northern and southern part of the room and are neutral (yellow, not targettable as enemy with Tab - you need to click it to target it). Color spheres do not despawn.


All phases:
- Spheres - for the player in the center at any time and for channeler once cores are down (with the exception of the Yellow phase channeling tank ).
- Recognizers killed by tanks and finished off by DPS and healers as we go.

Blue phase:
1) One of the initial adds - the other one is killed by a tank and DPS in the center.
2) Data Cores

Orange phase
1) Data Cores

1st Purple phase:
1) Regulators
2) Data Core 1
3) Data Core 2

2nd Purple phase:
1) Rectifier
2) Data Core 2

Yellow phase:
1) Data Cores
2) Regulators

It doesn't really matter if you split your DPS on the cores as long as you can apply all debuffs and buffs on them to maximize dps.

Phase 2

Black Obtuse
During this phase the Master Control mob in the center of the room is replaced with Operator IX. When this phase begins the Regulators from Yellow phase need to be killed as 1st priority. A tank that was channeling needs to pick up the boss.

Operator IX will cast Black Obtuse. He puts on a reflective shield on himself and places color circles in the spots around him. Each player has to pick 1 color circle of their color. On hardmode you have 8 seconds to do that. This means that all the players should stack in the middle with Operator IX as that offers the shortest travel time to their circles during Black Obtuse.

If you run into the wrong circle, you will cause one random member of your raid to get hit with Disinfection once Operator IX finished channeling Black Obtuse (hits for 19k and will most likely one shot them). In the event that one player of a specific color pair dies, the remaining player of that color will need to run to both circles during this stage.

Operator IX will aggro a random player around 5 seconds after the Black Obtuse so tanks need to make sure to taunt him when he ends his channel.

Operator IX will occasionally spawn 2 low hp adds with a knockback just before the Black Obtuse. One of the tanks needs to mass taunt and the other tank needs to single taunt the boss off. Ranged DPS should kill the ADDS during Black Obtuse.

Color Deletion Protocol
Color Deletion Protocol comes after Operator IX finishes channeling Black Obtuse. One random member of the raid will be targeted for deletion by a specific color and a circle of that color will be placed underneath that player. The boss wil target that player and start channeling the protocol with the color name in the name of the ability so you can quickly see who is targeted with which color by looking at target of target and the boss castbar.

One person with the color buff corresponding to the color of the circle will need to run to the person marked for "deletion". Doing so will protect the person from the "deletion" aka death. You have 5 seconds to do this.

Since there are two players with the buff for each color, make sure you sort out who does the “protect” first as to not waste both buffs. (For example we do it using the following rule: HEALERS for Orange and Yellow first and RANGED DPS for Blue and Purple first). If both players run in to protect, both of their buffs will be used up and whoever gets marked for deletion with the same color afterwards will die.

Make sure that all players stand still after the Black Obtuse until someone gets marked and the player targeted for deletion stands still until the person that's supposed to run in does so. Also those without the corresponding color buff to protect should stay away.

We use Bloodthirst in the beginning of Phase 2 and on the last 30%. You need to time it after the Black Obtuse when the boss drops his shield.