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I still think THIS grind is good... with recruit you are weaker (yes, I admit, it makes a difference, not big one as all assume) and you need to use skill more then depend on heavy mega death hits.
Then you gear up, and your skill is worth twice as much.
If you can stand for your self in recruit (unless enemy is paper to your rock) against WH, you will be rockstar week later. If you are crappy player who blames all on gear and need to outgear scissors to kill them with a rock, well... I just hope I don't have to pug with you
This. 100% agree. My Sorc healer is in recruit mk2 and I can survive fotm specs with ease as a healer, but I've seen many other Sorc healers struggle against Pyro or Rage spec who have got full wh in a 1v2 (2 being the Sorc healer and a dps/tank peeling and guarding).
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