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Since Companion Affection influences your chance of greater success in crafting, there is a strong motivation to maximize the returns on it.

The problem is, that generally means having to go to a fan site and look up every quest conversation to determine which companion most benefits and which choices yield the most - or ESC out and running the conversation multiple times. This really slows the game down, but if you don't do that you lose a lot of opportunity to increase affection while doing the quests & story.

I'd suggest incoroporating the affection gains in a manner that let a player see this on the fly like alignment gains are. The more complex part is that you need to somehow indicate which companion stands to gain the most from the quest, so perhaps adding tootip notes on quest givers that give the quest name they have for you, and the potential maximum numerical gains for your companions. That means quest pick-up or turn in isn't slowed down, which wouild pick up the pace of the game and lead to less quitting from boredom. Frankly I get bored doing it, but its necessary to promote long term crafting competence. While overall this may sound minor, having boring game--play aspects in a game is costly for your business as it leads to clients wandering off to more esciting venues.