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10.17.2012 , 01:34 AM | #9
I would like to get some firm data on each of the APAC servers and the Harbinger and The Bastion at
7pm-10pm ie APAC prime time.
from the data posted above (thanks Ward) it seems the APAC RP peeps are really hurting, even worse than us

If we can get this data for each hour during that period we have some firm numbers to base any decision around.

I'll get the details on The Bastion tonight and post them here.

Thanks for the prompt responses and positive input

ps. from your numbers Ward I'm going to presume the RP peeps might be interested. I will post on their forums and direct them to this thread. We will use this as a central point for further discussion across the 3 APAC servers.

Cheers mate.
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