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10.17.2012 , 12:41 AM | #7
Aussie servers on 17/10/12 1735hrs EST (level 50 players only)

(RP) Republic:15 Imperial: 35
(PVE) Republic:78 Imperial: 86
(PVP) Republic: 38 Imperial: 65

US West Coast Servers on 17/10/12 1745hrs EST

(Harbinger) Republic: 100+ Imperial: 100+ (can't get to fleet sorry but looks to be at least 2 fleet instances- a pm says it's 223 people in instance 1) ((there are 104 imperials in warzones))

I know the Bastion is a PVP server, but if I were looking for population and longevity of SWTOR experience I'd be rolling on The Harbinger. Midian came from a PVE server and there was some damn tough competition on there.