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Let me say right from the begiining that I think the ideal solution is an instant server merge to one APAC super server and that this needs to be done ASAP. Please support Chippies excellent thread on the general forums to this effect.

Preamble over.

In this thread I want to look at what we can do irrespective of what Bioware does or does not do about server pops.
Hence proactive solutions in the title.

As back ground let me say that I think Bioware are certainly waiting to see what impact F2P will have on server pops.
I have seen a post saying that typically there is a 2-4x increase in pops in games that go F2P.
I have no idea if that is accurate.
So thats one reason why I think they will matter how much we scream on the general forums..and no matter how just and correct our cause.
They will wait and see.

Further to this and this is quite a dangerous idea...I think it likely that they will wait for some time AFTER F2P comes out to judge whether the servers pick up..Maybe 1-3 months...
Which would be huge for us!

As has been posted on our server forums by a number of posters, many doubt our server will survive till F2P.
I must admit to being deeply sceptical about it as well, though with Cartel coins being given out already perhaps its closer than we thought
But 1-3 months after that? I fear that would certainly be the absolute end if there was not an amazing pickup in Pop, but as I think Kei said...who would want to join a dieing server??
Perhaps Im panicing, but it certainly something to consider.

The forums have been quite acrimonious of late, and as one poster put it, its like starving men fighting over the last scraps of food.

Its dieing we all know it.

Mosus has posted a thread about Master Dar'Nala on the Bastion, which is a worthy idea and I congratualte him on tacking that positive proactive step.

A couple of issues I have about this idea.

1/ What about our awesome latency?
2/ When I checked, the Bastion seems to have about the same pop as us during Aussie/NZ prime time so it seems little benefit unless you play outside of these times...which puts you in North American prime time...then good for you
3/ What about the Aussie community which despite the recent acrimony I have quite enjoyed?

My idea is this, depending on the feedback here I intend to start a thread on the other 2 APAC server forums to get a discussion going about all three servers coming to a general consensus about manually re-rolling to 1 APAC server.
Essentially doing the consolidation for ourselves.

Now my thoughts on this idea.

I hate it...I dont want to re-roll yet again and I want Bioware to fix the server pop issue ASAP.
But this is about what we can actually do...what we have control over to make our game time more enjoyable.

To be clear Im not exactly advocating abandoning this server altogether, Im suggesting that we might encourage leveling of an Alt on the selected server, creating guilds etc on that server for people who are leveling there to keep in touch etc etc.
Pretty much its like Mosus's idea but staying on an APAC server.

What do you think of this idea?
Do you have any positive ideas so that we can enjoy this game?

Please keep it positive, If I want whinging I can read 4 million other posts..

It cant hurt to talk can it?

Cheers in Advance
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