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3. Quit the WZ. There is no deserter debuff. I used to argue very strongly against people leaving WZs, calling them cowards etc. That was in February. Now? It's simple cost/benefit analysis. If the cost in personal frustration is higher than the benefit of 80 comms and 2k creds, bounce.
Heh, 80 you say? I know what you mean, though it takes an obscenely miserable warzone to make me quit a WZ. I've been averaging 50 per match. Today we had healers and I've been averaging 70-80. Didn't see how many I got for today's single win, I was too shocked.

And here's the result of the most fun warzone I've ever had in SWTOR. It went back and forth, I literally didn't know who would win until the WZ ended. I was constantly using the ops chat for updates, calling inc, and to tell everyone to leave the now-empty node that we just cleared and get over to the other one.

Honestly, the problem is not pre-mades. The problem is matchmaking. Automated matchmaking is never perfect, but damn it there are all kinds statistics that can be measured and it can be done pretty well instead of just rolling the dice. Let's just choose one at random, say, GEAR LEVEL. Or MAXIMUM HEALTH. Or PRIMARY STAT. What a concept.

Since hitting 50 I've had one or perhaps two really close matches. Out of 28 (21 loss, 7 win). Which is a serious problem, because those are the matches that are really fun, the ones that make competitive games worth playing - and even worth spectating.