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10.16.2012 , 10:54 PM | #24
If the war heroes don't like q'ing with the 'bads' why don't we see the WH population arguing for tiered queues by valor? I believe that there is something to be said for those that choose to face roll pugs. I was in vent today on my imp while my guildees on the pub side were doing premades and heard them all complain that is was boring face rolling the pugs, but they were more interested in finishing their dailies to get more WH gear to min/max or pass to their alts.

If the queues were tiered and the valor awarded was miniscule for those that aren't objective oriented, then they obviously won't be moving to the next tier very quickly, at least until they L2P. Make the objectives where valor points come from to force the bads into learning the WZ goals.

I've heard the L2P argument, but it's a little difficult to L2P when you are sporting less than 15k HP in recruit when you get rolled in less than 3 seconds. Not everyone has a push/knock back or a emergency stealth ability in their pocket to avoid the WHs who are critting 5k+ every few milli-seconds. What can you really learn by being taken down that fast? Avoid a sent/maur? they find you, it's not like you can hide and avoid contact. If it's an aoe, that's easy to avoid, run out of the circle, unless you are stunned/rooted. I think aoe's should apply friendly fire on team mates, even it is reduced, but that's just MHO, because using live ordinance isn't freindly to the freindlies.