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Chapter 5. You can find anything on Nar Shaddaa

Original to this thread. Sometimes I'm lazy and just copy game conversations. With character reactions, sort of, or mildly tweaked lines.

We hit the ground on Nar Shaddaa with minimal information. A prototype Republic war droid had been taken by Tavus and was finishing its development, in Imperial hands, somewhere on the planet. It seemed to be doing its testing by running around making trouble.

Our local contact was a Jonas Balkar, Strategic Information Service. I hadn't dealt much with the SIS to date. I really hoped they knew what they were doing. Both for this, and for the questions I knew Jorgan had lined up.

Balkar turned out to be a dandy in street clothes, slouching in a private lounge off a cantina in the eye-burningly lit Promenade. He greeted us with a lazy wave. "There you are. Go ahead, take a seat. And keep your voice down."

"Jonas Balkar, right?" I said.

"Let's just stick with Jonas." He flashed a decidedly unsettling grin at Sergeant Dorne. Oh, if only you knew. "Hope you like the cantina. It's not one of my favorites, but it is conveniently located. And I do know which drinks they make best here."

"My eyes are up here, Balkar," I said dryly.

He raised his eyebrows in an innocent kind of way and peeled his eyes off Dorne. She did look entertainingly irritated in a cold high-and-mighty way, but I had work to do. "Right, then," Balkar said breezily. "There's a vault, not far from here. It's a merc operation, holds valuables for anybody with the credits to pay. Our mutual friend is about to pay them a visit."

Oh-kay, jumping right in. "Uh, do we have a welcome party arranged?"

"Not exactly, no. A group of paramilitary types always shows up on the scene before the droid's attacks. We've already spotted them casing the vault. You could head in now, but I don't want you to scare them off. We wouldn't want the guest of honor to skip the party, would we?"

Either the guest is the droid or I am very badly lost. "It would be bad if our party was ruined. Definitely bad."

He waved casually again. "I have people with eyes on the vault. Once they spot our target we'll get the party started." Then he crossed his arms and leaned back. Calculation started edging out the casual look in his eye. "So, Havoc Squad, huh? Pretty nice of Garza to loan us her very best. I'm ah, excuse me." He took out his holo.

A young woman, also in street clothes, showed up. "Jonas! I just wanted to let you know I made it to Ithor safe and sound."

"That's great. I'll talk to you later, then." He hung up and winked at me. Or possibly at Dorne. "That's our cue. The target is in the vault. Are you ready to move out?"

"Havoc Squad is always ready." Corny, maybe, but I liked the sound of it.

"Take care of the droid and we'll have you on your way within the hour. Nice and tidy. Good luck. We'll have our eyes on you."
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