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Chapter 4. The Deadeyes

Finally, something new.

Something I've noticed, I don't usually have the nightmares on evenings I spent talking to Jorgan. Something about being around people, or people I trust, makes it go easier. How it is that swapping war stories makes the occupation less vivid in my sleeping mind I'll never know. But I won't complain.

So I was talking to him. "I'm struggling to see you as a sniper," I said. We were just sitting around after a big meal. Dorne was off reading rulebooks or whatever it was she did with her time. "You're good with the hard heavy high-dynamic combat. Sitting still for a few days like you described? Doesn't seem like you."

"I won't pretend it was more exciting than Havoc Squad. Good work, though. The Deadeyes set up a whole lot of operations for success by cleaning the leadership out early."

"Yeah," I said, "something to be said for precision strikes. Wasn't exactly my specialty."

He gave me a look on the edge of a smile. "Why am I not surprised, Savins?"

"Hey. Smashing everything sets operations up for success, too."

"If it doesn't get your whole squad killed."

"Now, now, I don't intend to repeat that mistake." A pause. "That was a joke."

Jorgan visibly relaxed.

We sat quietly for a bit.

Jorgan spoke up. "Funny you should bring up the Deadeyes, though. I got word just the other day. They got captured."

"What? Where? Who's pulling them out?"

"Happened during a routine officer hunt. Somehow the Imps got the drop on them, rounded up the entire unit. Careless." He shook his head. "It's been weeks. I don't know that there is a recovery mission."

"There better be."

"Doesn't sit right with me, either. They were on Nar Shaddaa. Hutt territory, they shouldn't have had any business operating there in the first place."

"Hutts could mean we can cut a deal for information."

"Maybe. Assuming the Imps didn't just black the whole operation out." He pressed his lips thinner for a second. "I need to know what happened to them. Whether they're still alive. If the military has no leads, the Strategic Information Service on Nar Shaddaa might."

"Got any contacts?"

"Not yet. But you can bet I'll find one."
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