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First off, did I say RPers don't know how to PvP? No, Learn2read.

Second, what you said about getting owned by other premades proves my point even further: you decide to Premade on RP servers because you'd get totally trashed on a PvP Server, but on an RP server you'd get trashed less often, so thanks for that.

And you basically lost the entire argument when you mention you Premaded. No durr a Premader is gonna try defend themselves.
pvp servers have horrible warzone players. seriously when are people going to get it through their thick skulls. being on a pvp server doesn't make you good at warzones. It means you like owpvp plain and simple. thats all. Their are plenty of great warzone pvp'ers who dont like the ganking in owpvp. Please stop making yourself look like an idiot by saying pve/rp servers would get owned on pvp servers in warzones. I was on Wound In The Force (a pvp server at launch) The warzones there were filled with horrible players. I was then asked by my friend to go to Juyo (a pve server) as thats where his guild was placed. Juyo had way better warzone players from top to bottom.