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10.16.2012 , 09:49 PM | #21
i so agree with a few of you guys here i have tryed the guild thing and group stuff just not for me so iam a pug for now . as iam new to mmo's (this is my first one )i love pvping but i do think the premades make it very hard at time for ppl like myself to really enjoy the match it not like i have to win every match just don't like it when its unfair and its a whitewash when ppl make premade with like heaps of healers and or side have none. permade should be for ranked only and normal pvp should be solo /duo que only and setup like the group finder with a good mix of players , in game chat in pvp would be nice also. or if they let premade do normal make it so its balnced and it in game chat and premade go up againt other premades not pug groups. just makes it fair on every one and more ppl will most likly que for pvp if they knew there was a chance at wining and have same fun it just no fun haveing your *** handed to you by a bunch of ppl who all know each other and all can play well together this is a game ppl play to have fun if there not haveing fun there not going to play and pvp will just get smaller and smaller in numbers .

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