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Hello all,

Is it just me or is this game missing a certain something to make PVP more fun as well as having a purpose? I think the main focus of the developers should be to improve PVP instead of tweaking character skills (so that they cycle through making classes stronger and weaker), and adding new flash points and what not. The major thing missing from the game which i think would keep people playing and subscribed is a added purpose to PVP.

Many years ago i played Lineage 2, a pvp oriented mmo, in this game the central purpose of PVP was to control a number of castles throughout the kingdom as well as the capitol castle. Guilds and Alliances would face off against each other, on scheduled siege dates (usually every weekend). When the dust settled and the victors emerged they ruled the given castle for the week. The sieges were awesome hundreds of people would participate and the winners were rewarded with added buffs available from NPCs within the castle walls as well as collect taxes from the shops that were associated with the towns that belonged to the castle. SWTOR needs a similar mass PVP system.

My idea is not to have the two factions fight for control of castles within one kingdom, but fight for command stations on a number of different planets. There would be a set time and date for the events to be held and would be held bi-weekly. The Republic and Imperials would have to coordinate which guilds they would send to each planet to fight for control of the command stations. I would suggest the event last all weekend starting Friday night and ending Sunday night. At the end of this period which ever faction controlled the most command posts would be declared victors. Some kind of reward system would be given to the faction before the next battle period starts.

Obviously there is a lot more to consider and i could go on and on about my ideas but this is just a proposal to those who might care to listen to the people to make this game truly better and increase the longevity of the game itself. SO, if anyone else agrees please post your comments and recommendations to help make this a better game for all of us!