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10.16.2012 , 06:08 PM | #107
First off, it's nice to see how many Cartel Coins I should have once F2P hits, thought it would be nice to know how far that will go on the Cartel Market.

But I am trying to figure something out and see what all has been taken into account. According to the Coin Calculator I can expect to get 1300 CC. I've been playing since day one with a Standard Edition, so no bonus there. I also got a 6 month sub.


6 x 150 = 900

So that takes me from January to July. Though my 6-month sub did not end until August due to a free month as a result of early technical issues, not sure how that affects things if at all. My 6-month sub ended in late August, but I was able to get a 60-Day Game Time Card within a few days and reactivated my sub through September and October, and the Cartel Coins increased from 150 per month to 200 per month.

So that would be....

900 + 400 = 1300

Everything tracks to that point. However, I was able to get a 2nd 60-Day Game Time Card, pushing my sub through November and into December. Yet despite having paid for it I have not gotten credited the 400 CC for those months.

So I assume that you don't get the CC until the 'Bill Date' even if you have already paid in advance.