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Hi all,

I have been Assassin tank from day 1 of Aussie server release (never gone DPS, Darkness since level 10).

Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on the new Dread Guard Relics available in 1.5 and which would be considered BiS (for PvE).

At the moment I am using the War Hero defense relic as it has the highest amount of flat defense rating and in 1.4 was considered BiS, as well as the Campaign on-use defense relic.
In 1.5, there are quite a few more options. Considering you would go with 1 proc and 1 on-use relic, here are the available choices.

Relic 1:
Dread Guard Relic of Imperilling Serenity - 350 Defense Rating for 20 seconds. (On-Use)
Dread Guard Relic of the Shrouded Crusader - 215 Shield + 215 Absorb for 20 seconds. (On-Use)

Relic 2:
Dread Guard Relic of Shield Amplification - 455 Absorb for 6 sec with 20 sec ICD (Proc, about 30% uptime, works out to be around 135-140 overall absorb).
War Hero Relic of Imperilling Serenity - 113 flat Defense, lower Endurance than Dread Guard relics.

So which two would you chose from the above and why? At the moment I am sitting at 65% shield (with DW up), 60% absorb and 30% defense (stimmed). I am currently using the Campaign on-use defense relic + the War Hero one. I figure, since my Defense rating is already well over the DR value (25%) that going for the Dread Guard +350 Defense relic and boosting the one stat would not be as good getting the On-Use Shield/Absorb relic - as it will be raising two stats slightly lower than the one. Would a 215 shield + 215 absorb be of higher value than a +350 defense rating relic in 1.5 as all three mitigation stats are sitting over their DR value?

Any thoughts on what you as an Assassin tank will be using in 1.5?