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A couple solutions, none of which involve creating a separate queue which would just drive up queue times, and discourage teamwork and grouping, which are the hallmark of an MMO.

1. Make ALL WZs ranked. Then use the matchmaking system that is already in place to match teams by average ranking. Wouldn't be perfect, but it would help some. People would complain about others ruining their ranking, but people are never at a loss for reasons to complain.

2. Unsub. Hate to see ya go, but that would be better than an MMO that discourages player grouping.

3. Quit the WZ. There is no deserter debuff. I used to argue very strongly against people leaving WZs, calling them cowards etc. That was in February. Now? It's simple cost/benefit analysis. If the cost in personal frustration is higher than the benefit of 80 comms and 2k creds, bounce. The only word of caution I would add is that if you find yourself quitting all the time, it's not because "everyone else" sucks. But hey, no one has any obligation to give anyone else someone to farm.

4. As always, group up. Maybe you play at odd hours, your friends don't play, etc etc etc. You can find 3 people of comparable skill level to make the going a little bit easier. If you can't, if everyone else on your faction at the time you play is a scrub, see the warning for option 3.
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